KORR-A was Born Kristina Korban in Kiev, Ukraine. As a baby Kristina’s health suffered due to the radiation from the nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, which exploded just prior to her birth. The now 25 year old was brought to America at the age of three, and what was supposed to be a temporary summer trip to seek medical attention turned into a permanent residence. Kristina grew up in Virginia Beach, beginning her entertainment career modeling for brands like American Girl, The Gap, Macy’s and Limited Too. She grew up loving photography, music, and dance. Kristina wouldn’t leave the house without her Polaroid and loved entertaining her parents and their guests every weekend at parties with singing, dancing, comedic skits, and even magic shows. Being an only child her parents battled over her extracurricular activities – dad making sure she earned a black belt in Taekwondo and mom taking her to dance, gymnastics, and modeling classes. Continuing her active streak, in high school Kristina juggled sports and danced with two highly reputable dance companies. She trained in everything from ballet and jazz to hip hop jazz-funk. Kristina continued dancing throughout her college years as well at Pepperdine University where she earned a degree in public relations and graphic design. While studying abroad in London Kristina secretly started writing songs and taking voice lessons, following an intuitive calling against her parent’s wishes. She didn’t back down on her dream of being an entertainer and worked to infiltrate the music world. It took a couple years but she finally proved herself and earned the support of her mother, who then convinced her traditional minded father and the rest of the family to support the her ambitions as well. Now Kristina Korban is KORR-A – an enticing persona, releasing edgy upbeat dance tracks and giving crowds an unforgettable stage performance.
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