Kirill Karnell
Kirill Karnell Was born in 1987 in Legniz (Poland),as his father was military, that time their family was out of their native town. When the family came back to Moscow,Kirill was growing and didn't realize that music would be his life. This history begins with an old cassette tape stereophonic recorder “ Legend -404 ”,laying under the heap of old things,which nobody needed. Only Kirill was watching at the keys with enthusiasm. In 1999 Kirill begins to study at musical school "Pioneria". During 3 years he was seizing such instrument like piano. Playing piano at school and in other children festivals he won 1,2,3 places At the end of 1999 by accident he finds the radio wave 106.8 fm. At this time he didn't realized that the rithms would bring something new and unrestrained for him. 2003 -he heard electronic music for 3 years and it made to the work as dj. In this year he had opportunity to get first az fromDj Garage-a (club resident Garage) in the building, which in the week ends turned out to the dance area (club"Colos”). Thanks to dance public and its sincere smile Kirill understood that all he had undertaken it was not for nothing. At this moment he began his travel in the different clubs of his own city and the nearest cities of Moscow region,where he passed fire and water (who knows,understands) 2006,summer- Kirill went to Legniz ,where he had been last time only in the birth years.he got there an opportunity to play on such areas as: Relax, Res, Akvatika. Then the way of young and talented boy continued through Moscow and other cities of Russia: MiniBar*Mir*Ikra*Rublev*Concert Hall*Malibu*Goodwin*MisterMonkey*Saxar*Cult*Cocon*Ibiza*Angar18*Gorod*FMcafe*Opencafe*Twistercafe*Kontur*XXXL*Mseven(Balashiha)*Olimp*MiniBar*Fclub(Privatcottedge)*Рокко(N.Novgorod)*Шах(Ekaterinburg)*Ibiza(Volgograd)*Triton(volgograd) and also on the different open airs and close private parties. In the end of 2008 he had been invited to the Internet radio At the end the 2009th. years Kirill bases the project under the name" Istetka Promo" with the close friend Alexey (Dj Atlas).their basis work became, the organization of own actions with giving tasty and each time of an unpredictable sound which already so was fallen in love by the Moscow clubbers. 2010. Acting on various areas and the open actions, especially remembered to us collaboration with" The Star Sky Project" dropped out for the summer the 3d June and on the 5th JulyDancing festival of "The SKY", Istetika Promo continues us to please with the rhythms and new experiments in the field of a dance music. Now Kirill Karnell starts to record the own album which is expected for 2015
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